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I keep hearing about the amazing Nachos at the Foundation so I had to go check it out. The Foundation is located on the corner of main and 7th. For those meat lovers out there, this isn’t the place for you since its vegetarian.

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I was craving lemonade so I decided to try theirs out for $3. It was not too sweet, which I liked, but I would have preferred it with less ice. It’s on the pricey side for its size.

2013-06-01 21.40.57

Utopian Nachos

The nachos ($18 + $3 guacamole) in the picture is a lot bigger in real life! I ordered this as my dinner to share with one other person. We couldn’t finish it! Lesson learned, the smaller portion is definitely the better option for two people! The utopian nachos consisted of generous amounts of beans, jalapenos, corn, and cheese with sour cream and salsa on the side. These nachos were very well made, each layer had cheese and toppings! There was no chip without topping! I felt like they had a bit too much beans for my liking. The corn added a sweetness to it, which surprisingly worked! The chips stayed nice and crispy after being smothered with cheese, which is a big thumbs up! There was nothing too special about the salsa and sour cream. The guacamole on the other hand was really good, there were chunks of guacamole still in it which I loved! I could just eat the guacamole on its own! Overall, the nacho is worth its price, the bigger portion could probably feed 4-6 people!


  • Everything on the menu is tax included
  • Amazing value for Nachos!


  • It gets pretty busy, which leads to slow service
  • Paid parking

Value: ★☆☆

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