eh |ā; e|
An interjection or prompt spoken by Canadians. *

Eh! is located in Downtown Vancouver, it resides on the second floor of a building that serves as the Canadian College of English Language. It mainly serves customers that are international students from the same building. It has the atmosphere of a campus dining hall, with different languages floating in the air during lunch times.

Carmmms and I went to Eh! near the end of their lunch time rush hour so we were seated immediately. While it is a fully served restaurant, their bar area also has baked goods and ready-made food available for customers to buy their food to-go. They also serve alcohol – really cheap alcohol, but unfortunately closes at 7pm when the building closes. On Tuesday nights they also have a movie combo where you pay around $15 for a steak dinner and a movie ticket to cineplex!

Interior of Eh!

Eh!’s grab&go bar

After looking through their menu, I decided on the California Club sandwich which is a grilled panini with grilled chicken with pesto, mayo, bacon, tomatoes, avocado, swiss cheese. It also came with fries, soup or salad, for which I picked the soup. Perhaps because it was near the end of lunch time, our food came quickly. The panini was stuffed with the ingredients and they actually spread butter on the outside before grilling out, which is a nice touch. It was a very filling and good sandwich. At most places I’ve been to, it would be obvious that the chicken was grilled in the morning and then just placed into the panini when people ordered it, but the chicken in this sandwich seemed like it was made just for order, and the same goes for the bacon, as it was crispy too. While the avocado was in it, I would say that I couldn’t really taste the avocado. I also wish there were more tomato slices to cover the whole sandwich at lease one layer (two slices covered maybe half of the sandwich), but that’s a personal preference… I love tomatoes! As for the soup, it was Tomato Soup that day. I was surprised at how good it was, as it came free with the sandwich. It had large chunks of tomatoes and it was a thick hearty soup.

California Club sandwich with Tomato soup

Overall, this meal was well worth my money as it was $8.95 for a sandwich I almost couldn’t finish, a hearty soup, in the middle of Downtown Vancouver! Their servers were really friendly and nice, and checked back on how we were doing a few times throughout the meal. As for what Carmmms ordered, why don’t I let her tell you?

I ordered the Steak and Mushroom wrap. It consisted of tender morsels of steak sauteed with caramelized onions and fresh mushrooms topped with smoky BBQ sauce the cheddar jack cheese wrapped in a warm flour tortilla with ranch dressing. Although, I didn’t taste the ranch dressing, the BBQ sauce came out really strong, which was too much for my liking. The wrap tasted good the first few bites, but the BBQ sauce became too overpowering for me to handle. I could barley taste the other ingredients in the wrap since the BBQ sauce pretty much covered the taste. For those who love their BBQ sauce, this wrap is for you. The steak in it was really good though and the portion was really big, the onions were overflowing from my wrap. I wasn’t a fan of the fries, it was just your average fries. Overall, this dish was a great deal, it could probably fill up two people.

Steak and Mushroom Wrap with fries

Eh! restaurant website: http://www.ehrestaurant.com/eh-menu.html
*some of their menu item prices are not updated


  • Relatively cheap and quality food compared to other restaurants in the district.
  • Tuesday nights, movie & dinner for $14.95!
  • Sustainable practices and also only hiring ESL student servers who are very friendly


  • Location can be difficult to find, it’s on the 2nd floor of a building.
  • Lunch time will have all the international students take up all the seats.
  • Closes at 7pm.

Food: ☆ 
Eh! Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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