Mr. Shawarma Food Truck on the corner of the Vancouver Art Gallery

Another Lunch Date with Mandycandy, this time we opted for something a bit more outdoorsy, Food Carting! I love the food truck scene in Vancouver, it has grown tremendously in the recent years. We were walking around Downtown Vancouver to look at all the food trucks. I was craving some Mom’s Grilled Cheese but my favourite Grilled Cheese wasn’t available that day, and miraculously I saw Mr. Shawarma on Robson and Hornby while looking for alternatives. It was like a sign, I was so excited when I saw it – I am a meat lover.

A closer look at the shawarma spit inside the food truck

We ordered the Chicken Shawarma ($6.50) which consisted of chicken shawarma, garlic sauce, a salad mix (diced cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes, parsley), Tahini sauce and potato fries. The fries in it was quite unique, I liked it. The chicken was nice and juicy and the salad mix was surprisingly a  good combination. It’s definitely one of the better deals for not only the Shawarmas out there but also the food trucks. Mandycandy was doubtful at first with the size of the Shawarma, but it ended up filling us both up perfectly.

Chicken Shawarma

Overall, its a good place to go for some cheap and delicious Shawarma. They also have a store in Kitsilano.

Mr. Shawarma’s menu


  • Cheap eat
  • Delicious Chicken Shawarma
  • Friendly service


  • Semi-long wait
  • Probably not the healthiest meal

Service: ☆☆
Ambiance: n/a
Mr. Shawarma on Urbanspoon


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