Baker One Cafe recently opened in Aberdeen, it replaced Aoyama. They’re in their soft opening stage right now. I wanted to try this new place, just to see whether the food has improved or not. However, nothing seems to have changed since Aoyama, except for the new name.

Baker One Cafe’s menu

I went with my parents since they wanted to try the place too and they thought it was a great location since it had a great view of the mall. When we walked in from the mall entrance there was no server to be found. We had to go find our own seat and find the servers ourselves. While looking at the menu, we were disappointed to see that drinks didn’t come with the meal. The prices would of been reasonable with a free coffee or tea.

Interior of Baker One

We ordered a Pot of Mussels ($13.95) which consisted of what tasted like butter, garlic and jalapeno. We asked if it came with fries since whenever we see pots of mussels , it always comes with fries, but in this case it didn’t. When we tried the mussels the spicy taste took us by surprise because there was no mention of what was in it, which is a big no-no in my books. Good thing my mom could handle spice, so she ate most of it. She thought it tasted good for what it was.  It was too salty and cold in my opinion and it was not fresh at all. It would taste a lot better if it came out hotter, or in a pot as it said on the menu.

Pot of Mussels

Next, we ordered the Prawn Chilli Baked Pasta ($13.95) which consisted of prawns, mushroom, green pepper, pasta, and cheese baked on top. This was my fave dish of the night since it was nice and creamy with a hint of spice. The cheese went surprisingly well with it, but it could of tasted better if it came out hot.

Prawn Chilli baked pasta

The last thing we ordered was the Chicken Club house sandwich with fries, which consisted of chicken, ham, bacon, egg, cheese, tomato, lettuce, tomato, and ketchup. The only thing I liked about this dish was the cajun sauce, which was messily put on the plate. I would have expected them to have  a small dish to hold the sauce on the side. The sandwich ingredients tasted like it was prepared beforehand and not made on the spot. The egg tasted like powered egg, the ham was dry, the bacon tasted like it was cooked a long time ago, and the chicken was cold. The fries tasted alright. If they changed up the bread and had fresher ingredients, the sandwich would of been good. The choice of the  ingredients as a combination is good, but it’s just not made with fresh ingredients.

Chicken Club Sandwich

Overall, the food is not worth its price, although it looks good. Not only that but the service was terrible even when the restaurant was near empty. They kept the call for service button from Aoyama, but it is no excuse for the servers to not come by and check on the customers every so often to make sure everything’s good. No one took away our plates or refilled our water the entire time we were there. Instead, the servers were talking loudly among themselves. One of the keys to a good restaurant in my opinion is customer intimacy. After this experience I don’t think I’ll be eating there again. This place would go a long way with fresher ingredients and better service since it’s in such a good location.

Their call button


  • Good location with a nice view of the mall
  • Lots of seating
  • Try the Prawn Chilli baked pasta


  • Non-existent service
  • Expensive
  • Cold food and ingredients not fresh

Food: ★★☆☆☆
Service: ★☆☆☆☆

Value: ★★☆☆☆
Ambiance: ★★★☆☆

Baker One Cafe on Urbanspoon


3 thoughts on “Baker One Cafe

  1. Whoa, it sounds awful… well, if it’s in the soft opening stage, we have some hope that they’re going to be better? And, I didn’t know Aoyama is gone, which is kind of sad. 😦

  2. their menu has much since changed, but i hear they are going through another change again but changing up not only the menu but the decor.

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