The Fray is located on Fraser, this place is hard to miss. Ohhenry loves going to this place just for their Portobello fries. This was a spontaneous dine out for us since we were hungry and needed a place to eat. Their $18 dine out menu is one of the better deals out there. The fray is a great place to  have a birthday dinner or just to hang out late at night, they have a variety of  board games all over the place and adult coloring pages with coloring pencils on every table. This place makes you feel like a kid again, I LOVE IT.


Portobello Fries

For our appetizer we both chose the Portobello Fries since they ran out of the steak bites. This appetizer is a Jenga stack of lightly fried and breaded Portobello mushroom strips with sun-dried tomato aioli. Although this was what seemed like half of the normal portion, it was still a fair amount. This appetizer never lets us down, the Portobello was crispy but juicy on the inside and the aioli was to die for. Everything about this dish was delicious. We found ourselves craving for more after we finished.


Maple Bacon Jam Burger

Ohhenry ordered the Maple Bacon Jam Burger which was a 7oz beef patty with sautéed mushrooms, Monterey Jack cheese, on a bed of their chefs secret maple bacon jam. This burger was huge! The portion surprised Ohhenry! He chose to have a side salad instead of fries. The burger was super juicy and the bacon jam tasted really unique. Ohhenry enjoyed this dish a lot.


I ordered the Pan-Seared Salmon which was Wild pacific salmon with a creamy lemon dill sauce, spinach, roasted B.C. Nugget potatoes, seasonal vegetables and a white balsamic reduction. The huge portion surprised me. The salmon was perfectly seasoned and cooked.I loved the lemon dill sauce, it tasted really good with the salmon. The only downside was that the sauce was  all the way at the bottom of the stack of vegetables. I wish there was more sauce in proportion to the salmon. The Nugget potatoes tasted a bit burnt and the vegetables were just okay. This dish really filled me up, Ohhenry had to help me finish it.


For our dessert we both chose the 5 layer mile high chocolate cake with chocolate Ganache filling and mixed berry compote. This cake was HUGE and very heavy. I couldn’t finish it. Henry said it resembled a black forest cake with the mixed berry compote. It was a really chocolaty cake, i’m not complaining.

Overall, the food tasted great and the portions were huge. I’d definitely recommend this place for dine out if you want a bang for your buck. You’ll feel like a kid again eating at the Fray. Ohhenry and I were fighting over the color pencils, we really enjoyed coloring and playing board games while waiting for the food, what a great concept.


  • Board Games and Coloring Pencils! A wide variety
  • Great Food
  • Open Late


  • Tight seating
  • Dark


Food: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★★☆☆
Value: ★★★★☆
Ambiance: ★★★☆☆

Fray on Fraser on Urbanspoon


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