The Charles Bar was one of my picks for Dine Out this year. I was super excited to try this place out since everything on the menu appealed to me. The Charles Bar is located in Gastown by SFU Woodwards. This is the ideal place for anyone who enjoys a rambunctious  environment, as its was filled with people and loud music, something I enjoyed. I brought Ohhenry along since we have similar taste in food. When we arrived we were told to seat ourselves, and lucky for us, we snagged the last table. For an $18 dollar menu, this place is definitely a bang for your buck!



For his appetizer, Ohhenry ordered the Sliders which were – 5 spice slow braised pork belly, sweet soy, salty miso mayo, pea shoots, fried shallots. They did not cheap out on this appetizer, look at those huge pieces of pork belly! Ohhenry loved this dish, especially the salty miso mayo! Everything tied in nicely, the pork belly was nice and chewy. When I tried it, I really enjoyed it as well, although it came out cold. The only thing I didn’t like was the pea shoots which easily got stuck between my teeth.


Smokey Dip

For my appetizer I chose the Smokey Dip, which had smoked mozzarella, gouda and provolone cheeses, spinach, garlic, artichoke purée, and fresh made corn chips. The first thing I noticed was that the dip was barely warm, which was disappointing. Being the cheese lover I am, The Smokey Dip wasn’t as cheesy as I expected. I couldn’t taste all the cheeses, and it tasted more like a spinach cream dip. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it , and there was enough dip for all the chips which is a good ratio. The corn chips were nothing special, and it could make a good difference if they were heated up.


Cast Iron Mac n Cheese

Ohhenry ordered the Cast Iron Mac n Cheese for his entrée, which consisted of 6 cheeses, herb bread crumb, pesto flatbread, and a 2oz Ale taster.  This dish came out perfectly hot, but not as cheesy as we expected, like the Smokey Dip. We are both cheese fanatics. Ohhenry thought this dish was average, but the 2oz Ale taster was a nice addition to the entrée.


Prime Rib Premium Burger

For my entrée, I ordered the Prime Rib Premium Burger which came with  a 7 oz prime rib patty, deep fried pickles, maple bacon, truffle mayo, tomato, and kennebec fries. I really enjoyed this burger, especially the prime rib patty, it was juicy and full of flavor. The only downside to this burger was the temperature, which was only room temperature warm. On the other hand, the fries came out fresh and hot. Ohhenry had a bite of the burger and he liked it a lot too.


Beer Float

For dessert, Ohhenry chose the beer float which was Salty Scot beer, vanilla ice cream, caramel drizzle. Ohhenry didn’t like this dessert much, as he said it had a weird after taste. If you are a beer lover, this may be your ideal dessert.


Apple Crumble

I wanted the Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberry Coulis, and Gooseberry but they ran out so they gave me an Apple Crumble as an alternative. Once I dug into this apple crumble I forgot all about the Chocolate Mousse. This was more of an apple muffin to me. It came out hot, topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. This was my favorite dish, I couldn’t stop eating it! A spoon of ice cream with a spoon of apple crumble, yummy in my tummy.


Gastown Lemonade

I decided to order the Gastown Lemonade ($9) which consisted of Jack Daniels, Peach Schnapps, Rosemary Infused Fresh Lemonade and Mandarin Aloe. There was way too much ice in this drink which diluted it a lot. It tasted okay, I could probably could have made something similar too, if not better.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food here and it was worth its price. I would recommend this place to those who enjoy beer since the entrée and the dessert comes with it at no additional charge.

The Charles Bar restaurant website
The Charles Bar dine out menu


  • Good Food
  • Great Dine out deal
  • Good Service


  • Loud atmosphere
  • Crowded in the evening
  • Seats aren’t really comfortable
  • Food not hot

Food: ★★★☆☆
Service: ★★★☆☆
Value: ★★★★☆
Ambiance: ★★★☆☆

The Charles Bar on Urbanspoon


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