Mimibuloveme is located a block away from the Oakridge station Canada line on Cambie & 41st. This place is by far one of my favorite places to have late night snacks and drinks with friends.


Interior of Mimibuloveme.

I brought Mandycandy here on this particular visit and she instantly fell in love with the cute decor from the Vancouver artist, Andy Wang (noonmoondesign.com).


Mural on the wall inside of the restaurant.

I ordered the White Pasta ($8) which consists of parmesan cheese, cream cheese, mushroom, onions, and bacon. This pasta was  well made, it was creamy and full of flavor, just the way I like it. The ingredients tasted fresh and the ingredients blended well together.

White pasta.

Mandycandy ordered the red pasta ($8) which consisted of tomato sauce, italian sausage, mushroom, and onions. She thought it was good, but not anything special. She noted that the plating of the pasta could of been better.

Red pasta.

Overall, its a fair price for pasta compared to other places. It filled us up quite well. I have tried their parfaits and crepes before too, and they are pretty tasty compared to alternative places.


  • Delicious pastas, parfaits, and crepes
  • Open late
  • Convenient Location
  • Free Wifi


  • Slow and not very professional service
  • Small place, could probably fit no more than 20 people
  • Only open in the evenings/late afternoons

Mimibuloveme restaurant website

Service: ☆☆

Mimibuloveme on Urbanspoon


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